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Buy Amazon Reviews

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How to Buy Amazon Reviews (Legally!)

You’re trying to boost sales for your new product on Amazon but don’t have many reviews yet. I get it – reviews make all the difference in convincing potential buyers your product is worth purchasing. But buying reviews is risky business. Amazon cracks down hard on inauthentic reviews, shutting down seller accounts left and right. So what’s an honest seller to do? I’m going to walk you through how to legally get more reviews for your Amazon products. There are tried and true tactics that abide by Amazon’s terms of service and can significantly increase your review count and sales. With some strategic planning and outreach, you can build up genuine reviews and establish credibility for your brand. I’ll share tips for launching review campaigns, incentivizing buyers, and growing your reviewer base over time. Let’s dive in – here’s how to buy Amazon reviews (legally!) and succeed as a seller.


So, you’ve created a product you want to sell on Amazon, but you need reviews to gain visibility and credibility. Buying Amazon reviews is a tricky subject, but there are ways to do it legally and ethically. The key is finding the right review services that follow Amazon’s terms of service.

Buy Amazon Reviews
Buy Amazon Reviews

Look for Amazon-approved vendors

Amazon actually maintains a list of review vendors that are approved to provide reviews for products sold on their platform. Companies like Vine Voice and Early Reviewers are legit ways to get real reviews from verified purchasers. The reviews you get will clearly state they received the product at a discount in exchange for their honest review. While the reviews won’t have that “unbiased” factor, they are transparent and allowed by Amazon.

Find independent reviewers

Another option is to search online for independent product reviewers and bloggers in your niche. Contact them, explain you have a new product launch on Amazon, and offer to provide free samples in exchange for an honest review. Look for reviewers and blogs that clearly state they provide independent opinions, regardless of receiving a free product. Be very transparent in your communication with them about your expectations for a fair, honest review.

Incentivize regular customers

If you already have a customer base, consider offering them an incentive to leave an honest review on Amazon, such as a discount on their next purchase. Let them know you value their feedback and are looking to improve the product and customer experience. Happy, repeat customers are more likely to leave positive reviews, so focus on exceeding their expectations first before asking for the review.

Avoid buying fake reviews

Whatever you do, avoid buying fake 5-star reviews from unauthorized sources. Amazon monitors for fraudulent reviews and will remove them, and may take further action against your seller account. It’s never worth the risk of getting caught buying fake reviews. Focus on getting real, honest reviews from approved sources and your genuine happy customers.

In summary, there are legitimate ways to gain reviews for your product on Amazon without resorting to anything illegal or unethical. Look for approved review vendors, independent reviewers open to free products for honest reviews, and your own repeat customers. With time and effort, you’ll gain momentum and more visibility on Amazon through real reviews.

Buy Amazon Reviews
Buy Amazon Reviews

Is It Possible to Buy Amazon Verified Reviews?

Yes, it is possible to purchase Amazon reviews from verified purchasers. However, Amazon strictly forbids buying or selling reviews, so you must do it carefully and ethically. The best approach is to use an agency that helps connect your product with real customers who will leave an honest review after trying your product.

Find a Reputable Agency

The key is finding an agency with a proven track record of helping sellers get verified reviews in an ethical way. They should never pay for or incentivize reviews in any way, or write fake reviews themselves. Instead, they connect your product with real customers by offering things like product discounts or giveaways. The customers leave reviews voluntarily based on their real experience.

Build a Review Generation Strategy

Work with the agency to develop a tailored strategy to generate reviews for your product. Things like targeting your ideal customer base, crafting an appealing product listing, offering time-limited discounts, and sending follow-up emails to happy customers asking them to leave a review. The agency can help determine what strategies may work best for your unique product and customer base.

Be Transparent

It’s important to be transparent that you’re working to generate more reviews, without directly paying for them. Explain in your product listing that you’re offering discounts and giveaways in exchange for honest customer reviews. This helps set the right expectations with customers and avoids the appearance of misleading them in any way.

Patience is Key

Generating verified reviews in an ethical way takes time and patience. Don’t expect an agency to quickly generate 50+ 5-star reviews. Start with a modest goal of maybe 10-15 initial reviews, and build from there through ongoing review generation campaigns and happy, loyal customers. With regular attention, you can build hundreds of high-quality, verified reviews over 6-12 months that will significantly boost your product visibility and sales.

The bottom line is buying Amazon reviews is risky and against policy. But working with a reputable agency to build an ongoing review generation strategy can help you gain verified reviews in a legitimate way. With time and patience, this approach is your best bet for boosting reviews and rankings in a sustainable fashion.

How to Get Amazon Reviews Legally?

Create a Promotions Plan

If you want to generate reviews legally, you need to have a structured plan in place to promote your product. Some of the steps you can take include:

Offer discounts or free products in exchange for honest reviews. Let your customers know you are offering a promotion where they can receive a discount on their next purchase or a free product in exchange for leaving a review. Be very clear the review should be their honest opinion. This helps avoid biased or exaggerated reviews.

Reach out to influencers and bloggers. See if influencers or bloggers in your niche would be willing to review your product. Offer to send them a free sample in exchange for an honest review. Their followers may be interested in purchasing and reviewing the product as well.

Start a review club or community. Build a community of people interested in your type of product. Let them know you will be providing offers and information about new products. When you launch something new, offer the community a chance to receive a discount or free item to review. They will likely be eager to take advantage of the offer and leave a review.

Run social media contests and giveaways. Run a contest on your social media channels offering people a chance to win your product. Ask entrants to leave a review within a certain number of days to be entered into a prize drawing. This incentivizes them to review quickly to improve their chances of winning.

Be Transparent

It is important to be very transparent about your promotions and offers. Clearly state the conditions, like leaving an honest review within a certain time period to qualify for an offer. Let people know reviews are not required to take advantage of a promotion, but you appreciate all feedback. Transparency helps establish trust and avoids the appearance of paying for reviews, which is against Amazon’s terms of service.

Follow Up

Follow up with anyone who received a promotion or free product from you. Send a friendly email a few days after their product has been delivered asking if they have any feedback or if they have had a chance to leave a review yet. Provide a link directly to your product page to make it easy for them. A follow up reminder, done right, does not come across as pushy but shows you value their input and experience with your product.

With the right promotions plan, transparency, and follow up, you can build a base of reviews for your product legally and ethically. While it may take more effort, it will establish a foundation of trust and credibility for your brand.

Possible (Though Not Recommended) Ways to Purchase Amazon Reviews if You Sell on the Platform

Buy Amazon Reviews
Buy Amazon Reviews

Find review clubs or groups

Believe it or not, there are clubs and groups specifically focused on providing paid reviews for Amazon sellers. The basic premise is that as a seller, you pay a monthly membership fee to be part of the group. In exchange, other members will purchase your product and leave a positive review. The downside is that these groups often require an ongoing monthly commitment and the reviews themselves may seem disingenuous to customers.

Use a review service

Similar to the groups, there are actual companies that offer paid review services to Amazon sellers. For a fee, they will have their network of reviewers purchase and review your product. The obvious downside here is that these services are essentially manipulating reviews for money. If caught, it could seriously damage your seller reputation and account.

Pay independent reviewers

Some sellers opt to pay independent reviewers directly to purchase and leave positive reviews for their products. The reviewers are often wiling to do it for a discounted price or free product. While more discreet than the other options, this is still considered review manipulation by Amazon and unethical. If discovered, the consequences would be the same.

Don’t do it!

In the end, paying for reviews in any fashion is against Amazon’s terms of service and considered review manipulation. It may seem tempting, especially when you’re first starting out and struggling to get those initial reviews. However, focus on providing great products and service. Build your reviews organically through honest customer experiences. While slower, these authentic reviews will serve you much better in the long run and allow you to maintain a reputable seller account. Your customers will appreciate your integrity, and so will Amazon.

The Ethics and Risks of Buying Amazon Reviews

Unethical Practice

Buying Amazon reviews is considered an unethical practice by Amazon and violates their terms of service. While it may seem tempting to pay for good reviews to boost your product ranking, it is dishonest and can seriously damage your brand reputation if discovered. Amazon routinely scans for and removes inauthentic reviews, and may take action against sellers and brands engaged in fraudulent reviews.

Damaged Reputation

If buyers receive a product that does not live up to the glowing paid reviews, it can lead to a mismatch of expectations and a poor customer experience. This can result in negative reviews complaining about misleading information, and an overall distrust in the brand. It is always better to build a reputation through genuine, honest reviews from real customers.

Legal Consequences

In some cases, buying reviews may be considered false advertising or fraud, which are illegal. The FTC has taken action against companies for posting fake reviews, issuing hefty fines and even pursuing criminal charges in some instances. Is the risk of legal trouble worth a temporary boost in search ranking? For most brands, the answer is no.

Poor Ranking Metrics

Paid reviews do not contribute to your review response rate or review sentiment metrics, which are factors in search ranking. Authentic reviews, especially those with verified purchase tags, provide much more value. A brand with all 5-star paid reviews but a low volume of total reviews and response rate will still struggle in search placement. High- quality products and great customer experiences are the only way to build a large volume of authentic reviews over time.

In summary, buying Amazon reviews is not worth the ethical, legal and business risks. Focus instead on delighting your customers, building a quality product and brand, and the good reviews will come in time. Patience and hard work are required to achieve long term success. There are no shortcuts!

Leveraging Customer Feedback for Business Growth

Customer feedback is invaluable for improving your business and boosting growth. As a business owner, you likely spend a lot of time thinking about how to better serve your customers. But the best insights often come directly from the source-your customers themselves.

Make it easy for customers to provide feedback. Place a feedback form prominently on your website, include a link in email newsletters, and ask for reviews on platforms like Yelp or Amazon. Some customers will volunteer feedback on their own, but many appreciate being asked directly. When feedback does come in, make sure to thank the customer for taking the time to provide it.

Analyze feedback regularly. Look for trends in the comments, reviews and ratings you receive. Are there any common complaints you keep hearing or features customers wish you offered? Pay attention to constructive criticism and use it as an opportunity to improve. Even if a review seems harsh, there may be a kernel of useful truth in there that you can learn from.

Respond and make changes. Once you’ve reviewed the feedback and identified key areas for improvement, take action. Respond to customers who provided feedback thanking them again and letting them know you’re working to address their concerns. Then, actually follow through by updating policies, improving your product or service, retraining staff, or whatever else is needed. Customers will appreciate knowing their voice was heard.

Promote the changes you’ve made. As you make improvements based on customer feedback, promote them! Mention them in emails, on your website and social media. Not only does this further reinforce to customers that you care about their experience, but it also builds goodwill by demonstrating your commitment to continuous improvement.

Leveraging customer feedback is key to growing a successful business. When you make customers feel heard and actually implement changes based on their input, you’ll build loyalty, boost satisfaction and gain valuable insights to shape the future of your company. Keep the feedback coming-your customers and your business will thank you!

Buy Amazon Reviews
Buy Amazon Reviews

Final Thoughts. What Is the Best Approach for Amazon Reviews?

At the end of the day, the approach you take to solicit Amazon reviews depends on your business needs and ethics. While buying reviews is risky and against Amazon’s terms of service, some sellers still pursue this route, often through shady third-party companies. However, authentic reviews from real customers are always the most valuable.

If you’re just starting out, focus on providing great products and customer service. Build up reviews over time through honest feedback from people who’ve actually used your goods. Once you have a solid base of reviews, run a promotion offering discounts or free products in exchange for reviews. Be transparent that you’re offering an incentive, but don’t dictate what customers should say. Let people leave whatever feedback they want. For established brands, regularly reach out to happy customers and ask them to leave an unbiased review about their experience. Offer a small gift card or coupon as a thank you. Some sellers also have success with review clubs, where people sign up to receive free or discounted products in exchange for reviews. Again, you have to trust that people will leave their honest opinions.

Trying to game the system with paid or fraudulent reviews is risky and unethical. If caught, Amazon can suspend or ban your account. And customers can usually spot fake reviews, damaging your brand reputation. Focus on the things within your control: offer high quality goods, great service, and real value to customers. In the long run, cultivating authentic reviews is the best approach for building trust and credibility on Amazon.

FAQ: How Do I Get Legit Reviews on Amazon?

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how to get real reviews on Amazon without breaking their terms of service. Amazon has strict policies against paying for or incentivizing reviews in any way. However, there are a few legitimate ways to build up your review profile.

First, focus on high-quality products and great customer service. Make sure you’re selling items that actually delight your customers. Then, reach out to buyers about a week after their purchase. Let them know you appreciate their business and would value their honest feedback and review of the product. Keep this message short and sincere – don’t offer any rewards or discounts in exchange for the review. Many satisfied customers are happy to leave reviews voluntarily.

You can also build buzz by offering promotional discounts and coupons for your products. When customers get a good deal, they’re more inclined to leave a review describing their experience. Again, be very careful not to directly ask for or compensate customers for reviews during these promotions. Run contests and giveaways, or start an engaging social media campaign. The more people interact with your brand, the more likely they are to share their opinions on Amazon.

Finally, consider an Amazon review generation service. Some companies specialize in helping sellers get verified reviews legally and ethically. They build custom campaigns to increase visibility and connect brands with potential reviewers. The reviews you get will be 100% authentic, coming from ordinary customers sharing their genuine opinions. Using a review generation service is a hands-free way to ramp up reviews, as long as their practices follow Amazon’s terms of service.

With time and effort focused in the right places, you can build a strong, credible base of reviews on Amazon. But remember, there are no shortcuts. High-quality products, great service, and an authentic connection with your customers are the only paths to honest, organic reviews.


So at the end of the day, buying Amazon reviews legally comes down to your intentions. If you’re looking for honest feedback from real customers to improve your products and listings, services like ReviewKick can connect you with potential reviewers. But if you’re just trying to game the system through deception and fake reviews, that violates Amazon’s terms and will likely backfire. Focus on delighting customers, providing value, and earning authentic engagement – that’s what will take your business to the next level. And who knows, maybe someday people will be writing positive reviews about your products without you even having to ask!

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